Overcoming the Comparison Mindset

Overcoming the Comparison Mindset


We are lucky to present an exclusive dinner event with Bilal Hafeez (bilalhafeez.com) on ‘Overcoming the Comparison Mindset.’ Bilal will be covering the following areas within his insights:

  • How the comparison mindset is corrosive to your soul.

  • How to recognise and overcome the mindset.

  • When to use comparison for the better.

We will be hosting the event at Dar’s Grill in Hampstead (NW3 2LL). Charles Campion, the food critic, has called Dar’s Grill as ‘something of a pioneer. It is quite clear that the service ethic is uppermost’.

The Event will be held on the 11th of July. 

Dar’s will be serving:

Chicken and Lamb kebabs for starters, a non-veg and a vegetable main dish served with rice, naan breads and a drink.

Please arrive by 7pm, and we look forward to meeting you for a fascinating evening in the heart of Hampstead, London.

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